Book Summary


Using the framework of the liturgical year and the changing seasons observed around her country home, a mother remembers the life and death of her adopted son, Tim. In actual diary format, the book begins six months after Tim’s sudden death at age 15 and travels through a year of remembrance that fleshes out the character and soul of an exuberant, loving child with learning disabilities and mental illness. These handicaps in no way lessen Tim’s impact on his parents, brothers, extended family and friends, though, as his unguarded love and enthusiasm for life are ever in the forefront.

A contemplative memoir, the book also attempts to integrate the essential elements of faith and joy into the ordinary and tragic events of family life.

Tim lived a simple life in the New England countryside and never went to a traditional school. His life was dominated by a sense of wonder that was infectious and a curiosity that often got him into trouble.

There is humor and pathos, grace and beauty, sorrow and joy in the entries. Over and above all is the realization of the goodness of God who holds this family together through a dramatic year that not only includes a death, but a fire as well. It is a book that will help the reader appreciate the richness of the Catholic faith and the sacramental life while rediscovering the precious gift of each soul to the world.

The text is further enhanced with a collection of scriptural, religious and literary quotations and an array of professional, candid photographs taken by Tim’s dad that give a more complete view of the stories and events which are related and illustrate so vividly the personality of a dearly-loved son.


1 Response to Book Summary

  1. Patricia says:

    I loved this book. I read it when it was first published and couldn’t put it down. Exquisitely written and filled with beauty, joy, the love of family and most of all, God’s unfailing goodness, it captivated me. I never wanted it to end. The author should continue writing. She has such a gift.

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