Connections or Therese, Benedict, a Poll and the Rosary

So, it has been a while since I have added anything to this blog. Life has been busy and in transition, to put it mildly.

This morning, though,  I want to pull together a few ideas and make some important connections. It is the feast of St Therese! The saint of the Little Way, Carmelite par excellence, and our great teacher in the science of Love.

I was reading a little book of meditations yesterday by Pope Benedict XVI and came across this thought:

Therese never set foot in a missionary territory and was never able to practice any missionary actively directly. Yet she did grasp that the Church has a heart, and she grasped that love is this heart. She understood that the Apostles can no longer preach and the martyrs no longer shed their blood if this heart is no longer burning. She grasped that love is all, that it reaches beyond times and places. And she understood that she herself, the little nun hidden behind the grille of a Carmel in a provincial town in France, could be present everywhere, because as a loving person she was there with Christ in the heart of the Church…This center, which Therese calls simply “heart” and “love”, is the Eucharist. For the Eucharist is not only the enduring presence of the divine and human love of Jesus Christ, which is always the source and origin of the Church and without which she would founder, would be overcome by the gates of hell. As the presence of the divine and human love of Christ, it is also always the channel open from the man Jesus to the people who are his “members,” themselves becoming a Eucharist and thereby themselves a “heart” and a “love” for the Church…The heart must remain the heart, that through the heart the other organs may serve aright. It is at that point, when the Eucharist is being celebrated aright.

Now, if that connection between Therese and our beloved Emeritus was not beautiful and deep and moving, add in the situation in our Church today, where from recent polls, the belief in the real Presence is dismally anemic. What are we to do?

Someone ( sorry, can’t remember where I read it!) had the great idea during this month of October, and with Therese in mind, to pray that there be a resurgence in this most essential of articles of our faith: that Christ is truly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in that small white host which we consume at every Mass. Lord make us worthy for so great a gift! May we be Love, too!

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