Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

( Or banged up trucks, leftover eggnog or bruised pears)

We are having some crazy winter weather, alternating between warm and rainy and cold and icy, with a little snow thrown in for good measure here and there. It makes the decisions about how many sweaters to put on in the morning difficult and it makes us more cautious drivers when we venture to go out.

Last week we had a warm and rainy on Monday and then when everything had turned liquid, a hard freeze the next day. You can imagine the roads. Our son Paul and his family made the trip safely up the hill for our annual Adoption Day celebration, but Andy hit a patch of black ice and spun out not far from home. There were no personal injuries, but the poor, new-to-us, shiny white truck now has some major dents and broken lights after colliding with a tree. Nick was riding with his grandpa and came back full of the experience with conflicting emotions of fear and excitement.

The accident didn’t spoil our traditional pizza and eggnog dinner, though, and we had a noisy family celebration in Tim’s honor. Nobody drank much eggnog and I have come to the conclusion that without Tim here we just might have to scuttle that part of the menu. I could be mildly upset at this, but instead found a recipe this week for a lovely yeast bread that featured eggnog and chopped fruit. Here’s where the bruised pears come in. As I had waited too long to make the poached pears, the fruit had gotten pretty sad looking, so they became the chopped pieces for my bread.

All this is fodder for my meditation as I think about how we use the difficulties and disappointments that come our way on a regular basis.

We could cry over the spilled milk, accidents and food spoiling in our refrigerators but then anger, frustration and loss of our sense of peace would result in our becoming bitter and ugly people and more importantly, destroy our ability to praise God and to thank him.

Have you ever tried to pray when you are angry and upset? It doesn’t go well. We also rub off our negativity on those around us destroying their peace as well. More trouble ensues.

Enter my favorite verse from Romans,

                    ” For those who love God, all things work together for good”.


If we can maintain our peace, despite the circumstances, we have a good shot of remaining in God’s love; keeping it uppermost in our minds and calmly waiting for the good to peek around the corner. Like the eggnog pear bread. It is wonderful toasted with a little melted butter spread thin.

I am still waiting to see how God will bring good from the accident. I am patient!























































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2 Responses to Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

  1. Monica says:

    Yay! I recognize that corner.

    Also: I would drink the eggnog…

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