The Genealogy That Counts

The 17th of December. Another anniversary to remember. This time it is the date in 1989 that we celebrated the Baptism of Timothy Andrew soon-to-be Montanaro. He wasn’t formally adopted yet, but we obtained the necessary permissions. It is just what you do when there is a matter so important.

The Gospel of this day, in the week that precedes Christmas, is always the same, and for us, so full of significance. We hear recounted from the beginning of Matthew, the 42 generations from Abraham to Christ. We hear the genealogy of Christianity, the family lines of each of us that have been baptized into the Body of Christ. It is a reading that cements our brotherhood with one another, with all the baptized.

In a few minutes I will brush the snow off the car and if the plow has been by I might have to shovel a bit at the base of the driveway. It is snowing lightly so I will drive a little slower for safety’s sake down the hill to Holy Trinity’s noontime Mass. When I stand to hear the Gospel proclaimed I will be thinking of all the brothers and sisters in the Communion of Saints that are part of our family. I will remember Tim with particular fondness today and all his family, those of us who called him son and brother and uncle, but also those who knew him as friend or who now call him brother and son in the Body of Christ. He is known to so many more now through the pages of the book of his life, and they are a far-flung family. Mary who lives near Boston, John in Virginia, Sue in Australia, Araceli in Germany and Julia in Tanzania, just to name a few.

What a cause for celebration and for that great Deo Gratias!

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December 17, 1989

December 17, 1989

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