With Gratitude

Life often gets busy and we don’t take the proper time to thank those who have helped us. I have three particular people to thank today.

The first is John Clark, who read an unknown book after receiving a copy from my brother Steve. (Thanks, Steve!)

John ClarkJohn went the extra mile and penned a  fantastic book review for Seton Magazine in between a busy home and professional life.

Thank you, John!

You can read it here:

Diary of a Country Mother: A Year Remembering Tim

The second person I am grateful for today is a friend and fellow Blandford resident, Eileen Gates. Eileen suggested hosting a book reading at her lovely home, Falls Brook Farm. ImageIt was a beautiful event and Eileen saw to all the decorating and culinary details with her usual talent and organizational aplomb. Thank you, Eileen!                                                                








The third person who deserves my gratitude today is Peggy Weber, a columnist for the Catholic  Communications Office of the diocese of  Springfield, Massachusetts, who wrote the most recent review earlier this week .

Thank you, Peggy!


                                                                                      peggy weber


                                                                                      Deo Gratias!


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