Hearts and Flowers

Today is the anniversary of Tim’s death. My mind still finds it hard to grasp the time that has elapsed. Where have the eight years gone?

By happy coincidence, this year the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus falls on the same day. What a blessed convergence of remembrances! The great feast of the love of Our Lord, his overarching love for each and every one of us embodied in the center of his bodily existence, this year falls on the day when our family needed the greatest consoling.

My remembrances today will be filled with the intensity of His love, with the sweet gem of Tim’s love, both of which spur me on to a more perfect charity in my love of God and my acts of love toward those near me. O Beauty!

Today is also the feast of my Carmelite patron, Bl. Anne of St. Bartholomew, the Spanish shepherdess who went on to become the secretary to Teresa of Avila. There was a strong bond between the two of them and Teresa died in Anne’s arms. Bl. Anne went on to become a foundress herself of numerous Carmels around Europe, so she is a little reminder for me that life goes on after the death of a dear one and is most perfectly lived in service to God and neighbor.

We have the house full of lively grandsons and will spend the day with their joy and activity and later share a celebratory meal before we all head to evening Mass and adoration in honor of the Love that is our strength and binding force.




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6 Responses to Hearts and Flowers

  1. Sue Elvis says:


    I’m praying for you today on Tim’s anniversary. I have almost finished reading your book and want to thank you for sharing your son with us. He is such a beautiful soul. I will write more when I get to the end of the book.

    May God bless you and your family.

  2. cinamonty says:

    A thousand thanks, Sue, for your prayers. How sweet of you to think of us on the anniversary of Tim’s death. I look forward to hearing more from you later. With love in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary in which our two sons reside. What a joyful thought!

    • Sue Elvis says:


      That is a joyful thought! You always sound so full of joy despite your sorrow. You remind us of the blessings that God bestows upon all of us. Sometimes we are tempted to see only the pain. I remember Thomas with love and joy, but still on the anniversary of his death, my heart is heavy. I don’t wish things had turned out differently. I do trust in God’s plan with all my heart. But I cry on that day.

      I remember going to the funeral of a friend’s baby and the pain descending almost unbearably, and I thought that no parent should ever know the sorrow of losing a child. I guess that’s what the problem is. God never intended things to be this way. But children do die, and we have to keep trusting. God enfolds us in His love and we keep going, knowing how blessed we are feeling the joy He gives us. But every now and then, because we are human and love so very much, we just yearn for our children and the pain hits hard. Just for that one day of the year… Rambling on but I hope you don’t mind.

      With my love and prayers, Sue

      • cinamonty says:

        Thank you, Sue for your love and prayers and dear, sweet, rambling thoughts. I think this is one of the things that is a bit difficult for others to understand fully unless they have also had to endure the death of a child. Thoughts of them are always with us, some filled with joy and others sadness, but the day of their death can be particularly difficult, even for people of faith. I always try to prepare myself for the little moments of grief, but often they catch me by surprise. Yes, other funerals, too.
        This year our three grandsons were with us so there were the distractions of preparing for meals and entertaining them.
        I am happy that you have your happy young ones with you to add their joy to the hard days.
        In the joyful unity of all mothers in Mary,

  3. Patricia says:

    Cindy….what a precious picture of Tim! I am late with my thoughts and prayers, because my computer crashed over a week ago, and I just got it back yesterday. I’ve been out of touch with everyone. What a blessing that this anniversary fell on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus! How would we ever survive our sorrows or find meaning in them, without our Blessed Lord? Sometimes all we can say is, “Jesus, I trust in You.” Sending you a big hug as you remember your beloved Tim. xo

    • cinamonty says:

      Yes, it was such a sweet blessing, Pat. I echo your thoughts on our great dependance on Christ for all that comes our way. We are so needy of His grace in the difficult times. Thanks for the “Tim hug”. I am enjoying all those that readers are sending my way.

      I hope your computer problems are now a thing of the past.

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