Yesterday morning I got up early and started the half hour drive to the Visitation Monastery in Tyringham. It is normally a lovely ride, mostly on seldom traveled roads. We had almost a foot of snow the day before so it was the new white variety of beauty that attracted me. All the gritty grey snowbanks had been transformed by a pristine white blanket of snow. When the sun came out and hit the branches and piles, it was breathtaking!

Driving along I suddenly noticed a beer can thrown on top of one of the roadside snowbanks. My first thought was that man quickly spoils the natural beauty around him by his careless actions. What a waste!

Upon reflection, though, I came to another thought. Man is the higher beauty. Yes, he can be careless and brutal and evil, but as the one creature made in the image and likeness of God, he is capable of such nobility, courage and charity. Yet how often do we prefer to gaze at the sunset or the waterfall or the mountaintop and neglect to look past the outer gruff bark of the people around us to discover the beauty underneath?

I think again of Tim’s encounter with the old gent in the tiny West Virginia store, the one with his cheek full of his wad of tobacco. Tim skipped the exterior and looked instead at the twinkle in his eye that bespoke the beauty IMG_3443within. What a lesson!

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2 Responses to Beauty

  1. littlesoul2 says:

    Cindy, beautiful reflection! It reminds me of the many people I’ve met along the way in life, who at first were not very attractive or appealing. But then, after I got to know them, they actually seemed transformed even on the outside, because of their inner beauty…their precious souls.

    Physical beauty always fades…if you live long enough. But inner beauty seems only to flourish as a person ages. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are often the very old…and also the very poor.

    Thanks for letting God speak to you…even through a discarded beer can 🙂

  2. cinamonty says:

    How true. It also seems to me that it is a lesson I need to learn over and over again. The beauty of the soul needs to spur us on to an active faith that has a deeply rooted concern for the ultimate happiness of each soul as well. A tall order!

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