A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Here's Tim!

Here’s Tim!

And a few little details as well. Find the book at the publisher website: booksforcatholics.com or on Amazon.com

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8 Responses to A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

  1. littlesoul2 says:

    Oh Cynthia, Tim is simply precious and beautiful! I must get your book, and will order it when I return home..if not tonight. I look forward to reading your posts here, and after you have a few more written, I’ll add you to my blogroll….not that I have a huge following 🙂 Your blog looks lovely. I know it will be a blessing to all who visit here. May it be a blessing to you as well, as you share Tim’s story.

    • cinamonty says:

      Dear Patricia,

      Thank you for visiting and commenting. I am blessed to have a fellow Carmelite and Catholic blogger with me in this little enterprise. I so look forward to introducing Tim to you and will ask him for prayers for your son.

  2. Sue Elvis says:


    I found your blog through Suzie Andres. Suzie told me you were writing Tim’s story quite some time ago, and she emailed me today to let me know your book has been published. I am looking forward to sharing your son through your book. My third son died 13 years ago as a baby. Our stories will be very different but I am sure we are united by the grief of losing a child and having to make sense of it all, finding our way back to life with God’s help, and learning to live with that pain we hide away.

    I hope many parents find your book and are helped by your words. Grieving alone is almost unbearable. Knowing there are others who have travelled this pathway can be so encouraging. We are not crazy. We will survive.

    God bless!

    • cinamonty says:

      Dear Sue,

      Suzie just told me that I might be hearing from you. Am I right that you are writing from Australia? Thank you for coming to see the Country Mother. I wish we could chat over a cup of tea, but this very impersonal method of communication will have to suffice.
      I am so sorry for the loss of your son. What was his name? Babies are so sweetly innocent that it must be a particularly difficult grief to have to undergo. But another deep consolation “seeing” their souls fly swiftly to God. Oh, the great consolation of our faith!

      Yes, the hidden pain! Let’s stay united in the Heart of Christ as we support each other and the great host of other suffering mothers, fathers and families.

      • Sue Elvis says:

        Thank you so much for your kind reply. I can see my friend Patricia has stopped by too. I meet my beautiful friends in so many unexpected places!

        Yes, I do live in Australia. My dear son who died is called Thomas. You said, “…seeing” their souls fly swiftly to God.” You are so right. Our faith consoles us. What would we do without it?

        At first I could see no sense in Thomas’ death. We wanted him so very much. I have since realised that Thomas may have only lived for a day but his life has touched so many people. Length of life has nothing to do with importance. Thomas’ story has connected me with so many beautiful and suffering people whom I feel privileged to call friends. God did indeed have a huge purpose for Thomas’ short life. I am absolutely sure Tim’s life will touch people in the same way. Our sons lives must be celebrated even though we mourn their deaths. I don’t know the details of your story but I am looking forward to reading your book, and getting to know you and Tim.

        “Let’s stay united in the Heart of Christ as we support each other and the great host of other suffering mothers, fathers and families.” Yes! We are sisters-in-grief and I hope we will be friends.

        God bless!

        PS I called you Cindy without even thinking because that’s the name Suzie uses when she speaks of you to me. I hope you don’t mind.

      • cinamonty says:

        Dear Sue,

        I realized the other day that I had never replied to your comment. Please forgive me, the newbie in the blog world. Yes, please call me Cindy.
        I was touched by your impressions of the importance of Thomas’ life and story. I heartily concur! We may never know this side of heaven the impact that such a short life can have. God in His infinite wisdom and design is so creative and there is such an economy in each act of creation, however short the duration of this earthly life. We will have an eternity to come to know the impact and to revel in the joy of God’s love with our children.
        We do so need each other. Suffering breeds compassion when properly understood, and there are a host of others weighed down by new grief or bowed under the burden of a grief that is not understood in the light of faith. May God help us all and bring to us those that are in need.
        Hugs across the ocean!


  3. Terri Yonkee Harris says:

    Cindy, Today I read a review of your book in Our Sunday Visitor. And then I came upon your site. I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for sharing a part of your pilgrimage. Almost sixteen years ago, my duaghter Maria Ann was unexpectedly stillborn, full-term. I am so grateful for my Catholic faith and faith family, and the love and grace of God which sustained me through that time and continues to do so. Many women, a generation older than me, came to Maria Ann’s funeral Mass and greived with us, and for their own babies who they did not have a chance to say goodbye to, a blessing for us all. My grandson, Trey Nathaniel died of SIDS at age 3 months in 2009. I have heard that the death of a grandchild is grief doubled as the grandparent grieves for the grandchild and for their own child who is hurting so much. Based on my own experience I believe that is so. Again by the grace of God, I have grieved and am more compassionate and aware of others losses. I look foreward to returning to your site. May god continue to bless you and your ministry. In Christ’s Love, Terri form SD

    • cinamonty says:

      Dear Terri,
      I am so happy you took the time to find me today. My heartfelt condolences on the death of your little one, Maria Ann and your grandson, Trey. A double hurt. You are so right that without faith these losses become impossible to bear. We also need each other so very much in the time after the death. No doubt your experiences helped you to give solace to your daughter or daughter-in-law after your grandson’s death. We are all part of a great community in the Body of Christ!
      I look forward to hearing from you again and I am pleased that you will get to “meet” Tim.

      In God’s tender love,


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