Slow Going

It is the morning after Super Snowstorm Charlotte and Andy and I have just come in from clearing part of the driveway and making a path to the barn.  With shovels.  Old school! We have almost two feet of snow and with the drifts that the wind has whipped up near to three feet  in some places so it has been slow going.

Slow going. Now that’s a good way to describe the pace of my progress over the past seven years. Why hurry after all? Just get it right.

This June 7th it will be eight years since our son, Tim’s death. The time has sped by in one sense and dragged on in another. More slow going. But this week I held in my hand the first copy of Diary of a Country Mother: A Year Remembering Tim. It is beautiful and I have many to thank for getting this far.

It has been slow going, though. After Tim’s sudden death, I told myself I would wait for six months and then take on the slow task of sitting down and writing about my son, the sweet 15 year old with the heart of gold, troubled by his mind to the point of obsession. He was the last at home so with the quiet house my days seemed to pass all too slowly. With the rhythm of writing, though, and the gifts of God’s grace it became possible.

After a year I laid down the pen and tried to find the right publisher. More slow going. There was lots of encouragement along the way to keep me from giving up totally. You can read some of it on the Endorsements Page.

Today, though, I  am ready to introduce Tim to the world. He is an antidote for a time  that is mightily jaded, bereft of innocence, and lost in selfish twaddle. Tim’s life can only make sense, though, when viewed in the light of eternity with the eyes of faith. That is what I attempted to accomplish in my writing. Present the boy in all his glory in the context of  belief in Christ and the gifts of grace of His Church.

I envision this site to be a help to those who are struggling with the death of a child, or with the sacrifice that disabilities bring into a family. In the grand scheme of things we are all struggling with one thing or another, though. So, welcome to all of you!



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